The Founder of IFREEQ Technologies


Name Jason Zhang
Marital status Single
Birthday 7 March
Nationality China


QQ/Wechat 9439168
Mobile +8613823363276
E-mail [email protected]
Website ifreeq.com

About me


  • My field is mainly in home automation area, covers hardware and software;
  • As a profession mainly provide customers smart products, OEM/ODM service;
  • I am a young businessman with a passion for technology. Passion for developing new solutions and products in the increasing complexity of technology, skills and multi-requirements in the digital age.

  • My background

  • 4 years experience from various sectors both private and public;
  • Organizational/industrial/design/business skills;
  • Good at international business administration, marketing, product development and commercial analysis.
  • Hobbies


    I like cooking, like Sichuan food, I'm good at spicy fish, and some homemade dishes.


    Reading is basic hobby in my life. History, architectural design, science mazagine, political, almost all types books.

    League of Lengend

    I have been playing LOL since 2013, I like "Fizz" so much, it's my natal hero!